About Us

Society for Rights of All Women with Disabilities (SFRAWD) is affiliated with Federation of Tamilnadu Differently Abled Federation (FTNDAA) and Women’s Indian Association (WIA).
Acknowledging the fact that, women with disabilities are amongst the most marginalized in our community, our society empowers women with disabilities to achieve their rights in Tamilnadu. We focus on those areas where gender inequity and/or disability inequity have the biggest impact on the capacity of differently abled women to be respected and to fully experience life. This society has 50,000 differently abled women members. These women are disabled from birth or due to various other reasons.


Society for Rights of All Women with Disabilities (SFRAWD) is an organisation working for “Girls and women of all ages with any form of disability”, who are generally among the more vulnerable and marginalized of society”. Our motive is to empower and educate girls and women with any form of disability.

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In order to empower such differently abled women and girls, the following major works are being carried out by the organization over the last few years,

Formation of Self Dignity Groups–Block, Taluk and District level groups
Organizing awareness programs– Differently abled welfare schemes & policies of government
Organizing trainings to parents of children with disabilities–Child care & protection
Medical healthcare support–Connecting with leading hospitals
Leadership development training–Empowering disabled women and girls
Providing assistive devices and aids–Improving mobility and quality of life


Girls and Women with Disabilities are the part of the society and should enjoy equal rights and opportunities like other members of the community.


To enrich and empower the quality of life and bring dignity to differently abled adults by educating them in life skills and employability skills towards self-dependence, building support systems and enhancing awareness in the Community.  To promote inclusion, participation and to achieve equality.


support the vulnerable to combat COVID - 19