Arts and Culture

It is difficult to accept a Person with Disability as one among us. Either they are thought to be less or a burden to the society. But when you see Person with Disability perform and listen to them sing, somewhere down it strikes a chord and you believe that yes, there is, after all no difference just diversity in human manifestation.

SFRAWD performers with each of their performances make us believe in all the ‘abilities’ in the ‘disabilities’. It can be just a soulful rendition of a famous song, complete with all the emotions by visually impaired Balasubramanium or the graceful expression by hand gestures, capturing the various hues of a prayer song through dance by the speech and hearing impaired duo Suma and Sridevi.

None of the performances were less than the other and the artists came away with praise and accolades. This platform has turned out to be both therapeutic as the artists vent out their emotions through song and dance, and a source of livelihood, dignity and respect.

Some of the art forms that SFRAWD embraces, includes but is not limited to:

  • Bharatanatyam
  • Kolaata Contemporary (Folk),
  • Deepanjali (Dance with Diyas)
  • Vande Mataram
  • Shivam Shankaram Duet
  • Medley
  • Classical & Contemporary movie songs
  • Role play/ Skit

SFRAWD’s artists endeavour to bridge the gap in abilities and build experiences gained through travelling the world and associating with people. They go a long way towards building confidence and creating opportunities for economic self-sufficiency. Each stage performance delivered also aids in enhancing the awareness on the inherent abilities and talent of the disabled.