Helping India fight the pandemic.

While COVID19 pandemic refuses to cease, SFRAWD’s Relief Campaign continues to reach out to the poor
disabled women and girls in distress across Chennai.

SFRAWD have put together “Dry Ration Kits,” and “Heath Kits to be given out to people in need from various
regions of chennai. People with disabilities and the poor are being helped with their everyday sustenance and the
medical crew with their safety amid the crisis.

SFRAWD team is relentlessly working on ensuring the safety and well-being of people during these trying
times and we need your help in continuing our relief work.

We are now working on supporting and strengthening the livelihood of women and girls with various kinds of
disabilities and mothers of children with disabilities who are affected economically due to the Corona Pandemic
Lockdown. This Pandemic Lockdown as created a huge need starvation among the marginalised due to lack of
income as they are people who do unorganised work as they are the Bread Winners of the family taking care of
them. Due to this Lockdown they have lost income as there was no work during that period. We have identified
around 100 disable women and mothers children with disabilities of in and around Chennai, Kancheepuram,
Chengalpattu and Thiruvallur who are doing different unorganised works for their livelihood.

  • street vendors (Fruits, Vegetables, Flower, Plastic items, Fancy products)
  • train vendors ( selling hand kerchiefs, barfi, stationary)
  • petty shop keepers ( no income to buy stocks)
  • Dosa batter sellers

are now in financial crisis. On keeping in mind the SDG we have provided financial support for our target group
of Rs. 10,000/- per candidate to support their livelihood by providing raw materials for their income within the
group of 100 disabled women and mothers of children with special needs identified as a Small petty
business financial assistance. This livelihood raw materials support is given to the candidates in need to
strengthen her financial status and after sustaining her livelihood the candidate will be linked with bank loans
for further financial assistance.

Apart from this, we have also provided 50 elderly destitute disabled women and mentally profound children
who are dependent and single with no one to look after and who are not able to afford a livelihood to meet their
daily needs. We have provided dry ration Grocery items worth Rs. 500/- per individual per month to these
identified needy members for a year in the attempt of supporting their livelihood needs.