Federation for cross disability service, Realization of Rights and Entitlements


This organisation was founded in 1998 with the vision to remove inequality, social injustice and eliminate poverty by empowering persons with disabilities.


The organisation provides several services as listet below.

Educational Services

Our concept is “Inclusive Education & Education for All” . We are trying hard to provide good education to all disabled children, no matter how profoundly affected.

Computer Education Center

We offer job oriented computer courses and equipping the persons with disabilitys to gain computer related jobs.

Counseling Center

Our Center offers multifaceted services to hopeless and directionless disabled persons by experienced counselors.

Formation of Self Help Groups

In order to achive our long term purpose of uniting disabled persons in Tamil Nadu for their economic rehabilitation we are forming self help groups.

Employment Guidance Center

This Center is an interface between job seekers and job providers. We are registering the datas of unemployed disabled persons and helping them to find private employment.

Magazine Publication

We publish a regular magazine called “Voices of the different abled” in which we provide information and the latest news about disability and our movement.

Cultural & Sports Meet

We are conducting Cultural Programs, Talents Exposure and Sports Meet to instill self confidence.

Legal Aid Center

Advocates support disabled persons in their legal issues.

This center also convenes legal awareness campains and seminars to make the best use of persons with disabilities act 1995.

It is not charity and compassion what disabled people want to evoke.

They want organisations and individuals to recognize their abilities and be a full-fledged member of society.